New Leadership, New Goals

It’s the fate of nearly all WOW guilds; leaders become tired and eventually burn out, or encounter serious RL issues that prevent them from putting the necessary amount of energy into running and managing the guild. This time it happened to Close Knit. Our beloved GM Sukineko was forced by RL issues to give up her lead position so that she can deal with whatever is weighing her down and recuperate.

The leadership was passed on to our new GM Groffin, who will not only attempt to keep the guild running, but to expand and grow. To that end, Close Knit will have several new goals. ¬†We are opening recruitment and we encourage all kinds of players to get in touch with us and see if becoming one of us is what they’d like. We will also be forming two separate raid teams: one for progression, one for standard raiding.

Our progression raid will be significantly more hardcore than the rest of the guild. That is to instill the sense of responsibility and hard work which is the only thing that brings the desired reward. Progression raiders will be required to put extra effort into it, and everyone will be required to at least pull their weight.

On the other hand, our standard raid team will remain a relaxed environment for everyone, so that players who simply wish to clear their mind after a long working day can participate. We expect our standard raid team to be approximately one content tier behind the progression.

What are we expecting from this? For one, a much greater diversity within the guild, and an environment in which gearing-up players have a room to grow and eventually become a part of the progression team. Also, with a team of well-equipped players, should the standard raid team encounter an insurmountable obstacle, they can always call on their guildmates for help.

Those are just a few of our goals for the future. Like it? Well then, why are you still reading this? Go ahead and apply to join Close Knit!

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