Many of our members are former hardcore raiders. Their experience and knowledge is often invaluable for overcoming even the most difficult encounters.

That doesn’t mean we are, or want to be, hardcore. We’re acutely aware of limitations that RealLifeā„¢ imposes on people, so we try to be more relaxed and simply enjoy the game.

We are cool and easy and friendly, and we are interested in helping out when we can. At the same time, we’re not too shy to make fun of each other.

We use Discord not only as a voice chat during raids, but also for texting. Sharing ideas, tactics, or character improvement tips has never been easier.

Sure there are guilds more active, more hardcore, more (insert your own attribute). However, they are not Close Knit. Here we are a team that works together, not against each other.

We value fun, loyalty, and hard work. If you’re looking for more than just another guild, there’s Close Knit. And if you are more than just another player, we want you.

We are not just a guild. We are a team.


Emerald Nightmare
N 7/7, H 7/7, M 0/7
Trial of Valor
N 3/3, H 3/3, M 0/3
N 10/10, H 8/10, M 0/10
Tomb Of Sargeras
Not Released